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Some people are eager to escape the cold weather and avoid the first snowfall of the season, while others hope to experience the wonders of winter. To help you find the ideal destination for your trip, here is a list of five of the best winter vacation spots.


Although the temperatures in other parts of the world are dropping, Honolulu is still warm. The city’s average high temperature is around 80 degrees, and it’s great to visit Chinatown for Chinese New Year celebrations. You can also see the city’s Christmas lights display. Make sure to reserve your accommodations early, as the island’s winter season is its hottest. It’s also a great time to meet other sun-seekers.


The summer season in Sydney begins in December. It ends in February, making it a popular destination for tourists looking to escape the cold weather in the Northern Hemisphere. The city’s daytime temperatures are usually in the low to mid-70s. This provides perfect conditions for various activities, such as surfing and kayaking.


In Switzerland, Lucerne is known for its festive atmosphere and winter activities, such as sledding and ice fishing. The city’s numerous Christmas markets and snow-covered streets make it an ideal winter destination. You can also find plenty of ski resorts nearby, and you can take advantage of these to shred the snow. If you want to exercise, head to one of the city’s numerous spas to unwind.

Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands’ winter season is characterized by warm weather and plenty of opportunities to see wildlife. Although it’s technically a wet season, the days are usually filled with sunshine, and rain rarely occurs. During this period, it’s an excellent time to visit the region to see the newly hatched giant tortoises and the waving albatrosses. Male marine iguanas are also known to attract females by displaying vibrant colors.

St. Lucia

The beautiful weather in St. Lucia during winter is a great travel time. The island’s high temperatures are usually in the 80s, and the days are typically filled with clear skies. Although a winter visit can cost you much money, you’ll quickly forget about the extra cash once you’ve spent a few hours on the island’s beautiful beaches. After a day in the sun, enjoy a cup of local cocoa tea. This drink is made with milk, water, and spices.