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Traveling is fun, but finding the best places to eat can be challenging. If you’re in a new country, you might not have the resources to find the best restaurants. However, with the right resources, you can still find great food. This article will share tips on how to find the best restaurants while traveling. 

Try Instagram

One of the best ways to plan a great vacation is by using Instagram. Many dedicated Instagram users focus on finding the best local restaurants, coffee shops, and desserts in their respective areas. Follow these individuals a month before you leave to prepare for the next exciting post. You can also start your search by typing in a few keywords.

Avoid Tourist Areas

Since you’re in a new place, you want to see all the historical landmarks the area offers. However, this doesn’t mean that you should eat at locations near them. Most restaurants near tourist attractions serve chain food that doesn’t have the best local ingredients. 

Instead, try looking for a local establishment that serves excellent food. Doing so will allow you to enjoy great local food and avoid chain restaurants. It’s also worth the extra mile to find the best local establishments.

Read Local Publications

One of the best ways to find out what locals eat is by reading a magazine or newspaper. These publications will provide the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding eating in the area. If you can’t find a newspaper in person, you can also search for local publications online. Even asking the locals is a good idea.

Explore the Area

Sometimes, wandering around and finding the best restaurants by accident is fun. If there are many restaurants on the main street, it’s no problem to take a walk and explore the area.

Before you start eating, make sure that you check out each establishment. A menu posted on the website will allow you to see if the food fits your budget. Also, by looking in, you can get a feel for the atmosphere of the place. Make sure to check the number of people inside the establishment. If it’s busy, it’s probably a good place to eat.

Download a Food App

Many food apps are available on the market. These allow users to search for restaurants nearby and see what other people say about the food. Apps like Zomato and Yelp allow users to see what other people say about the area’s food. This makes it easier to decide where to eat.