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Just when you thought glamping couldn’t get any better, bubble tents are introduced. With stargazer-friendly transparent roofs, these “five-million-star hotels” have popped up everywhere, offering travelers all the trappings of glamping. From inflatable tents to stunning domes, here are four locations that prove that living in a bubble isn’t always a bad thing.

Aurora Bubbles at Nellim Wilderness Hotel, Finland

In Finland’s northern region, the Nellim Wilderness Hotel has glass-domed cabins that can be used to watch the Northern Lights, which can be visible for almost 200 nights a year. Guests can enjoy traditional Finnish cuisine at the hotel’s on-site restaurant and retire to their igloo-like rooms inspired by the local culture. Although you won’t see the Northern Lights, you can still see Russia from the hotel’s eight-mile border.

Forest Domes at Finn Lough, United Kingdom

Situated on a secluded peninsula in Northern Ireland, the Forest Domes at Finn Lough resort are designed to provide a tranquil retreat. They feature four-poster beds and a Nespresso pod. You can also wake up to a beautiful lake view by taking in the morning coffee in the lounge chair. During their free time, guests can enjoy a day of fishing or hiking in the Erne. They can then enjoy a relaxing evening by the lake with a glass of wine or a s’more. The resort’s restaurant serves a variety of local and international food.

Joshua Tree Remote Desert Stargazing Bubble Airbnb, California

Situated about 13 miles from Joshua Tree National park, this off-grid bubble is an ideal location for those who want to go stargazing. It features a queen-sized mattress, a half-bathroom, and a heated outdoor shower and barbecue. Even though you’ll have to drive to the location, this property is still well-equipped. Besides these, the other features of this bubble include a cooking area and a hot tub.

Campera Hotel Burbuja, Mexico

Less than two hours from the border is the Valle de Guadalupe wine country in California, which is home to several farm-to-table restaurants and family-run businesses. One of the most popular places to stay is the Hotel Burbuja, which features 12 bubble tents with full-sized beds and private bathrooms. The hotel is miles away from the light pollution so that you can enjoy the night sky. During the day, guests can enjoy a meal at the hotel’s restaurant, Doce by Campera.