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Kelly Hansard


Kelly Hansard is located in Austin, Texas, one of the biggest travel hubs in the United States. Not only does she see large amounts of tourists visiting her hometown each year, but she also enjoys partaking in her local culture alongside them. Even with all the flare that Austin has to offer, however, Kelly loves embracing her passion for travel and visiting new places throughout the year. For Kelly, travel is not just a privilege in life – it is a necessity. 

Travel is often a form of self-expression and self-growth. Throughout her youth, Kelly emphasized the importance of travel in her life and used it to learn more about the world around her. These experiences helped shape Kelly Hansard into the woman she is today and formed her into a well-cultured individual the more often she experienced new parts of the world. Her college years spent at the University of Texas, where she earned her MBA, allowed her many opportunities to learn about new cultures. Wanting to take advantage of her youthful freedom, Kelly took every chance she could get to embark on trips.

Kelly embraces travel as an interactive way of learning. Education has always been of utmost importance to Kelly, and she enjoys learning more about the world by visiting new places. In her eyes, the world is a textbook, and she is on her way to reading every page. In addition to the benefit of learning, Kelly also puts her planning techniques into action when it comes time to book a new trip. No trip of hers is complete without a Kelly Hansard-approved itinerary, although she also leaves room for spontaneity on her adventures.

As for her professional life, Kelly is currently a Senior Program Manager with BMC Software, a position she has held since June of 2020. Through this position, she manages strategic initiatives and oversees daily tasks. Just as with any other area of her life, Kelly enjoys learning more about her industry and challenging herself to be informed on the latest trends. She is a forward-thinker inspired by learning new pieces of knowledge from her peers and other industry leaders.

Looking forward, Kelly hopes to continue excelling in her industry while also embracing her love of travel. Travel is essential to creating a healthy work-life balance, and Kelly Hansard is no stranger to prioritizing this in her life. Although she has already experienced many parts of the world, Kelly has only scratched the surface of her travel bucket list.

If you wish to stay updated on Kelly’s tried and true travel tips and recommendations, visit her blog for recurring posts.

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